Over TOEIC 3000 questions and 800 TOEIC words are available for free!!! All in your pocket, without internet.

We provide you the most useful tools to practice English and TOEIC with your friends.

We have seen many people masterizing their English skills by joining in clubs, or by group study in libraries. 
This application Enny club is a network of English study students all over the world. We provide a network for students to support each other when studying TOEIC or IELTS, TOEFL or speaking practice...

This application lets you:
+ 7 question formats with over 3000 quiz. You can practice TOEIC without internet, everything is in your pocket without any charge($0).
+ 800 most frequent TOEIC words, groupped into 30 topics.
+ A mechanism to save your progress as well as track your TOEIC score, so you can decide when you are able to take the real test.
+ A forum to discuss, which you can join and ask question, or share ideas about your exercise

+Special: Vocabulary each day: App will send you a word everyday. You can increase your vocabulary budget without effort.

Let's enjoy, we hope you would get 990/990 score in testing TOEIC.


Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id932711660